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Here at Stark Cleaning we offer a choice of three great value packages to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business premises are hygienic and safe.

Whether you need a fully comprehensive service for the most thorough disinfection, or whether you’re looking for an affordable budget option that doesn’t compromise on effectiveness, we can offer you a package to suit your requirements.

Tailored disinfection service.

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If you opt for this package, you will benefit from the most comprehensive service that we can provide. Included in the price, our expert team will carry out a full UV inspection of your premises and carry out a Smart ATP track and analysis to determine the amount of pathogens both before and after the cleaning proces.s

We will assess soiling on your surfaces before carrying out our ultraviolet disinfection process and then again afterwards so that you can have conclusive proof of the cleanliness of your premises. This system of verification goes above and beyond simply what can be seen, it tracks and traces bacteria, viruses and germs so you can be confident that your property is hygienic and safe.

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If you’re looking for affordable yet effective ultraviolent disinfection for your premises, our standard cleaning service is the ideal value choice for you.

Offering you full deepclean ultraviolet disinfection but without the addition of inspection or track and trace, you will still enjoy peace of mind in your premises’ cleanliness after this treatment since we will take swabs both before and after to demonstrate the eradication of bacteria.

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We not only offer a UVC germicidal disinfection service, but also an inspection and verification service for businesses that have opted for their own cleaning system.

We can carry out UV inspection of your premises before and after cleaning to ensure that the method that you have selected has been effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus COVID 19.

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